Township Offices

Township Offices



As the consolidated elections approach in April, we have received some questions regarding the duties of different offices that are up for election. Here is a brief description of various township offices:


Township Supervisor

The Township Supervisor is the Chief Executive Officer of the Township.  They have several duties to carry out as mandated by order of the Illinois General Assembly.

The Supervisor:

  • Administers the General Assistance program
  • Serves as Chairperson of the Township Board of Trustees
  • Is Treasurer of all Township funds
  • Is Ex-Officio Treasurer of the Township’s Road & Bridge funds — making sure that Joliet Township’s public tax dollars are properly invested and spent according to state law


Township Clerk

The Township Clerk’s Office is responsible for all records of the Township, various filings at the Will County Clerk’s Office, publications of all required notices, and the Minutes of Town Board Meetings.  The Township Clerk serves as Clerk of the Road District. Every four years, the Clerk is the Local Election Official for Township Elections.  The office of the Township Clerk has deputy registrars available to register voters during its regular business hours.  The clerk is a non-voting member of the Board who may only vote under certain circumstance.



The Assessor is responsible for ad valorem assessment (tax according to the value) of all Township property. The Assessor and their staff must attend training programs pertaining to property assessment and educational workshops to keep their accreditations up-to-date.  Various tax exemptions are handled by this office.  Property records are available to the public.


Highway Commissioner

The Highway Commissioner is mandated to maintain all the roads and bridges within the Road District’s jurisdiction.



The Tax Collector’s job is to collect real estate taxes; however, in Will County this position is not utilized. The position of Tax Collector continues to be elected in case the situation changes and there is a renewed interest. Some counties in Illinois still utilize the Collector to perform the function of collecting real estate taxes.



The Board of Trustees serves as the legislative branch of Joliet Township government. Every Illinois Township elects four trustees at-large and a supervisor who together comprise the Township Board. Each member has one vote on all issues brought before the Board.

In their capacity as legislative officers, the Trustees:

  • Adopt the annual township budget and appropriation ordinance, the general assistance budget and the road district budget.
  • Responsible for approving all township expenses and auditing bills submitted for payment by the highway commissioner




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