Suzanna Ibarra

Suzanna Ibarra


  1. What town do you live in?
    I was born and raised In Joliet Illinois
  2. What’s your favorite movie?
    My favorite Movie is a Michael Moore movie. Its called “where to invade next” It’s a FANTASTIC documentary about what other countries are doing to make the lives of their inhabitants better. Safer, and happier as well as prosperous. I reccomend every person that has a heart beating in their chest see this movie prior to voting.
  3. What was your first job?
    My first Job was babysitting. I started babysitting at the age od 12 and saved for my first car by babysitting.
  4. What is your favorite book to read?
    I have two books i Absolutely love. Both are emotional journeys. “Half a life” by Darrin Strauss. Its a real life account of the events that unfolded during a car accident that caused a young girl to die. After the accident he spends half his life blaminng himself for what happened to the poor young girl. The second favorite book is The Lovely Bones. Its a book about a young girls muder and thereafter the entire story is told by her in heaven (or her kids version of heaven) watching all her family members as their own lives unfold and fall apart. My sister in law was murdered in January of 2004 and i love this book because it comforts me .
  5. Do you collect anything?
    Purses. I love Purses.
  6. What’s your favorite family tradition?
    Im Italian so it’s very hard to pick just one. We are a very family based culture, i do make MANY home made Italian dishes From Scratch. Cooking is my favorite family tradition.
  7. What is your proudest accomplishment?
    Im humble. I’ve done a lot of amazing things that i would rather not wave my flag around and tell everyone. Having these two beautiful amazingly gifted children that care about the world around them and wish to make it a better place for all humanity.
  8. Have you ever volunteered for an organization before?
    Yes i was a candy striper at St. Joes Hospital in my teen years. I was also on the Joliet parents Music Board. I was a member and on the Board of the Women of the Moose in Joliet.
  9. How did you, first, develop an interest politics?
    I was raised by Strong Democrat parents who taught me at a very young age how important is it to Vote. My dad was also into his union politics for many years Laborers Local #75
  10. Who is your political hero and why?
    Bernie Sanders is my political hero, because he stands up againts an establishment that most of America has turned a blind eye to corruption and pandering to corporate wellfare and special intrest lobbyists. I am also VERY fond of Elizabeth Warren for the same reasons. Most of America “HAS THEIR EYES STICHED SHUT”
  11. Why are you a member of the Will County Progressives?
    I feel that this political group cares about the future of humanity and the earth.
  12. Tell me something about yourself, people would be surprised to know.
    I am an avid gardener. I think the best food i ever had is the food i grew from seed. In my yard. There is nothing better than waking up every morning and walking outside to the garden barefoot with my feet in the dirt and seeing how my beautiful garden has grown.

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