A Beacon of Hope in a Time of Despair

A Beacon of Hope in a Time of Despair

After the announcement that Donald Trump has become the president-elect, many were left feeling defeat, shock and despair for the future of our country. Days after the election for many seemed like an aftermath of a terrible storm, with only ruins remaining. No place to look forward to. Nothing to encourage them.

However; that all changed with Senator Bernie Sanders visit to Anderson’s Bookstore at North Central College in Naperville on Friday, November 18. With over 3,000 spectators ranging from children to senior citizens as well as some members from the Will County Progressives; this crowd was in need of encouragement and Senator Sanders became their beacon of hope. Originally, Senator Sanders had planned this visit to promote his new book, Our Revolution, which describes his experience on the campaign trail for the presidency and his stance on important issues, such as climate change amongst others. Everyone who attended this event received a copy of his book and a lucky few were given an autographed copy at random.

Senator Sanders was welcomed by roaring crowd shouting “Bernie! Bernie!” As he spoke, Sanders ensured the crowd that he will not stand for “bigotry and racism” under a Trump presidency and that people should become involved in whatever capacity for “there are people in this room who can, who should be thinking about running for the school board, for city council, for state legislator.” He expressed that we should be focused on the real issues, and not the scandals the media has focused on during this election cycle. In addition, Sanders reiterated that the Democratic Party should re-focus on the needs of the working Americans, and look to the young people for they are the future of this country.

At the end of his speech, which was received by chants and a standing ovation, Senator Sanders held a Q & A, with questions pre-selected from the audience. In a response to a question in regards to hopelessness, Sanders gave a profound answer, lifting the audience spirits. He reaffirmed that we “don’t have the privilege of giving up or living in despair….this is not about you, it’s about our kids and the future of this country. If you say I’ve given up hope you’re being a little bit selfish. Brave people don’t run away from fire. If we stand together and focus on the real issues facing this country, there is nothing that will defeat us.” After the event, you could feel the shift in the audience’s mood. Many commented on how they needed this event. To hear those reassuring words. Now it’s up to us, to continue our fight for a progressive agenda by doing what Bernie told us…..get involved at any level!

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